If you have experience in any profession (engineering, agriculture,
education, medicine etc) and would like to share your skills with local talent
to empower them to have a better quality of life, be it a short-term ministry
or a long-term mission, you could be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in
South East Asia while bringing glory to the Kingdom.
Teaching Position: Christian International School, IB Candidate PYP, seeks
qualified early years and ESL teachers. Housing, round-trip airfare, health
insurance, visa and immigration costs provided. Located in the center of a large
city in W. Java, Indonesia.

Teaching Position: Christian International School, US curriculum, seeks
qualified primary, secondary and ESL teachers.  Housing, round-trip airfare,
health insurance, visa and immigration costs provided. Located in suburb of
large city in W. Java, Indonesia.
Human Resource Centre

What do Harvest Asia interns do while in the field?
Intern at an appointed school or church (hours and duties may vary)
Choice of up to 3 courses per semester (sponsored by Harvest Asia).

Courses Offered in September 2007:
  • An Introduction to the Muslim Culture
  • Occultism in the Eastern culture
  • Indonesian language
  • other classes will be announced as they become available

*the above courses may vary or change according to availability. Please contact us for current list of courses are being offered.

Cost for Internship Programs
Registration and Fees:
350 USD per semester per student. This cost covers your tuition for the courses, administration expenses, school/church selection, pre-selection interviews.

The school/church will provide you with:
Immigration fees/applications, shared housing, airport pick-up and transfer.
Some schools/churches will offer some housing allowance or subsidy

What you need:
  • Round Trip Air tickets
  • Medical insurance
  • Living expenses. Expect to spend about 200-300 USD a month to live comfortably in
    Indonesia. Most Indonesians make less than 200 USD/month!
  • A serving heart!

For intern candidates needing to raise funds and support, Harvest Asia can provide
verification of the candidate's  internship registration for sponsors.
For more information concerning these and other positions,
please e-mail us at
To Apply online click here
To Apply online click here
The Harvest Asia Human Resource Centre also provides on-site support for its personnel
through retreats, training, mission forums and immigration aid.

Harvest Asia also provides classes for both incoming Interns and HR personnel, such as
courses on culture, language, ministry and theology which are taught by ministers and
professors on site.

Currently, Harvest Asia is developing the “
Harvest House Project”, which is a permanent
retreat for HR personnel, including classrooms, dormitories, Harvest Asia offices and meeting

Harvest House will serve as a nourishment center for those that have been in the field for
while and need to heal, to take a break, to connect with brothers and sisters or even just to
recharge through prayer and study. At present, a house has been located
(see photos) that
is large enough to meet the needs of Harvest Asia. Your gifts are important to realized this
project and ensure the on-going needs and support of our teams in the field. Click
here to
donate towards this project.