One of the focuses of Harvest Asia ministry is its involvement in relief projects and mercy
ministries. South-East Asia has been a place of great turmoil and constant need for support,
and we feel the Lord has opened a great door for ministry through organizing aid for the
people in these areas. Currently, Harvest Asia is involved in several aid projects in Indonesia.
Jacob's Well Project
is a long-term “adoption” project, for a remote island in Indonesia. Over
80 tribes live on this island, and the people there have been suffering
through a severe drought for the past several years. Harvest Asia
through its partner has been sponsoring wells to be dug and “reverse-
osmosis” pumps to be installed to convert the well-water to drinking
water. Although many of these tribes have been ministered to in the
remote past by Dutch missionaries, most of them have partially reverted
to the animistic roots of their ancestors. They are in need of strong
mission-minded people willing to be involved in short and long-term
ministry there. Long-term planning includes equipping the people for
trade, church planting, farming and community-building. Funds are
requested for this adoption project as well.
Nehemiah Housing Project
is a continuing medium-term project rebuilding homes after the
earthquake in Yogjakarta in May 2006. Low-cost houses have been
designed and are now being built as funds become available through
donors and outside support sources.
Emergency Relief and Mercy Ministries
Street Children Ministry
Economically-challenged urban families in Indonesia many times have
difficulties providing for their families and their children’s education.
Young children are put to work in the streets begging stoplights, and
have no viable future but to turn to crime in many cases. Harvest Asia
through its partners and networks with several ministries in Indonesia
have been involved in providing food and education to these children,
as well as bringing to them the Good News. Donations are needed to
provide rent and maintenance for the training center as well as food,
clothing and books for these children.

..."I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers
of mine, you did for me."

Matthew 25:40 NIV